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Charlie Maclaren set up in business as a mineral specialist in 1997 and in 2002 became a limited company. Since then MVT (Scotland) Ltd has grown steadily by adopting the philosophy that quality sustains and in 2010 joined forces with Form Nutrition ltd. This has given Charlie the opurtunity to pay even more attention to the detail when working for clients.

He provide a bespoke service, offering a wide range of trace elements and vitamin drenches and animal health products and will leave no stone unturned to achieve our goal of solving the nutritional and health problems on your farm.

What Our Clients Say

James Playfair-Hannay
(Scottish Borders Farmer)

James is a pedigree Aberdeen Angus and Shorthorn breeder in the Scottish Borders, I have worked with him for some time now and have developed a good working relationship with both him and his family.

"Since using Charlie and MVT-customised minerals to suit the natural forage on my farm, my beef cattle have been healthier and have produced high growth rates - all with lower feed intakes."

Philip Bromwich
(Organic Farmer) (Scottish Borders Farmer)

"As an organic livestock farmer I strive to maintain the highest level of animal health and welfare. I was first introduced to MVT by a fellow producer, who had seen positive results.

Charlie has helped me to devise and implement a long-term plan and, although it is still in its early stages, I believe that my livestock's health is improving due to the tailor made minerals, which balance my forage."

Bertie Reid
(Orkney Cattle Farmer)

I am a dairy farmer on Orkney and have been using Charlie and his team at MVT to do all my mineral and dietary work as well as developing management systems to make the farm more efficient.

The information and understanding of my situation that MVT have is unique and their enthusiasm and attention to detail is what makes it work.

Charlie Maclaren

Charlie Maclaren

Charlie's roots are steeped in agriculture although as a student he spent time on cereal and vegetable farms, his real passion is for stock. Luckily for him he had a great mentor in his father who not only had a tremendous practical feel for livestock farming but also ran a very successful consultancy business of his own.

The pedigree and the passion were already there. MVT (Scotland) Ltd has been the vehicle to realising his natural abilities.

His attention to detail, stubbornness, determination and frankness are what makes him tick. With these attributes he readily can immerse himself in the client's farm and can develop a clear picture of where things should be going.

A Complete Service

With a specialist team of Inderpendant analysts and animal nutrition experts MVT have the expertise to consider soil, forage and blood samples, then determine the inherent imbalances of your particular location.

Following extensive information gathering, Charlie will then prepare a formulation to correct these imbalances and deliver it to you, together with a plan to ensure the system will work for you and provide tangible benefits.

But the service doesn't stop there, we'll be back to monitor the improvements and make any tweeks that are necessary to maximise your return.

With MVT you can be assured of transparency and honesty, we will not cut corners and will use the best materials available.

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